Call for more option for your custom menu
Ifs Its Not on the Dessert List I’ll Make It or Find It!!!!!!
Chefs Cakes to Order
Cookies, Brownies
Mixed Seasonal Fruit Cobbler
Poached Pear, Toffee Crème Brue lee
German Chocolate Truffle Cake
Irish Pound cake and Drunken Strawberry compote
Apple Cobbler & Topper
Cheese Cake N.Y. Style
Assorted Cookie, Brownie, lemon Squares, Pecan Bites Display
Assorted Cupcakes Display
Peach Cobbler & Topper
Texas Pecan Pie & Carmel Drizzle
Triple Chocolate Decadent Truffle Cake & LOVE ;)
Brandied Bread Pudding & Chocolate Slivers, Cream Cloud
Mini Cheese Cake waterfall and Strawberry’s
Free Falling Strawberry Waterfall & Chocolate Drizzle
Bananas Fosters Traditional & Panned
Banana Pudding ala Classic with the Captain Morgan Naturally  
Beverage Station:  Milk, Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Tomato Juice, Sodas Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke Etc.….

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